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We have several Memberships to choose from:

You may choose one of the following: Month to month membership, Six month membership, or an Annual membership package.

Executive Club

Private and/or Semi Private Training for Corporate Executives, Medical Professionals, Professional Sport Athletes, etc.


Gold Membership

Silver Membership

Bronze Membership

Several other membership are available:

White Collar Boxing Club

This program is designed for the professional adult who wants a-z training, however can not be involved in the contact sport due to their job or profession. Learn the very best without contact.

Contender Membership

Special one on one training within a very small group, then this is the program for you. This program focuses on the individual goals on how to become a great fighter. A must for a serious amateur. Get "Great" results fast.

Champion Membership

This program is for Professional fighters so they can continue their training and educational goals.

Fitness Membership

Great for a total body workout, fun and rewarding.

Boot Camp Membership

Military USMC style training. Designed for athletes, trainers, fighters, black belts, military individuals, and fitness instructors.

Instructors, Masters and Master Instructors Educational Training

Separate Systems Programs for one of the following:

Taekwon-Do- Must be a 4th Dan and above (ITF).

Hapkido- Must be a 3rd Dan and above.

Muay Thai- Must have a minimum of 30 bouts or hold National recognized sanctioned Championship.

Pro Clinic Series

This is designed for gym owners and staff. Every Amateur and Professional Coach/Trainer needs to continue their education and grow. Please call for details.

Law Enforcement Training Courses

Please call for details.

Family Plans

Family plans available.

Private Lessons are available

One on One Training to meet your personal goals.