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This is a brief outline of the requirements to achieve this promotion. A more detailed curriculum is available at our school.

Coaches Clinics

Everyone needs to continue their education in the fighting sports. We have coaches clinics for new and advance coaches.

We offer several Clinics: Equipment drills, Ring drills, Cage drills, Corner work, Cutting weight program, Punching drills, Kicking drills, Mitts and bag drills, Sparring drills, Power drills, Light and Heavy bag drills, Defense and Offense drills, Saftey Education, Footwork drills, Plyometrics, Logistics, Speed drills, Condition drills, Advance maneuvers and techniques. How to fight a left hander, slugger, fighter, runner, wrestler, etc. Strength drills, Flexibility drills, Nutrition for you fighter, etc.

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